Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our home for 36 nights ...

Built in 2008, Celebrity Solstice is one of the largest cruise ships operating in Australian waters.  It weighs in at 122,000 tons (which is actually a measure of size/volume, not weight) and carries 2,850 passengers and 1,500 crew.  She is nearly 315 metres long and 37 metres wide, and apparently has 19 decks, of which passengers have access to 13.  The level where the life boats are is deck 5 ... our cabin will be on deck 8 on the hump area emblazoned with an "X".  I will undoubtedly tell you more about the ship when we are on board.

I did take the opportunity to go and have a look at Solstice when she was last in Sydney, and I grabbed a few photos that show what makes Sydney one of the most beautiful cruise ports in the world ... 

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  1. Such a shame that big lump of a boat is blocking all the views ;-p