Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 1 (Fri 11 April) comes at last

After all the planning, preparations and packing, American Adventure 2: The Sequel is finally under way ... or to be more correct, the prelude to American Adventure 2 has begun since we don't hit continental America for another month.  Ahead of us are 16 relaxing days at sea until we reach Vancouver, punctuated only by a 2-day break in New Zealand, then 3 days in French Polynesia, and 6 days in Hawaii.

Our home for the next 5 weeks as we cross the Pacific Ocean and then explore the Alaskan Coast is Celebrity Solstice.  She is a pretty large ship, over 100 metres in length with 12 passenger decks ... our cabin is on deck 8, three above where the life boats are, and we have a slightly larger balcony than most cabins, which is nice.

Pics to be added

We haven't fully explored the ship yet ... plenty of time for that in the days ahead ... but if first impressions count for anything, then I am sure it will meet our every wish and expectation.  No doubt, I will report more about what we find on the ship as the cruise progresses.

In the interim, however, I can report that Janet has already had her first surprise.  One of her very favourite cruise dining treats is escargot, something that is normally only offered on one of the formal nights at sea when everyone dresses up in their "Sunday best" and the photography department tries to flog formal photos to all.  On our last cruise on Voyager of the Seas, Janet was disappointed to learn that due to "a worldwide shortage of supply", escargot was off the menu.  Imagine how surprised then she was to find that the chefs and procurement people at Celebrity have apparently overcome this global supply shortage.  Here on Solstice, escargot is not just offered on formal nights, it is available every night as an appetiser.  Perhaps there is a snail farm here below decks?  Whatever, Janet will be enjoying them nightly for the forseeable future ... well, at least while stocks last.

I am not sure how often I will be able to post, or at least upload posts while we are on board. Inconsistent and slow internet services, per minute pricing and the fact that I have to be online to draft each post, militates against regular publication of blog posts.  I will try though.

Until next time, from somewhere in the Pacific ...

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  1. Don't eat all the snails before we board in Vancouver!! =) Hugs-from the other Janet