Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 16 ... Groundhog Day

Yesterday was ... Wednesday, 16 April, a day at sea.
Today was ... Wednesday, 16 April, a day at sea.

No, this is not Phil Connors bringing you the weather from Punxsatawney ... but it feels like it.

Last night we crossed the International Date Line and went from today to today, or from tomorrow to today, or from today to yesterday ... buggered if I know!   What I do know though is that just like in Groundhog Day, we are doing it all again today ... the only difference is that today is being called Wed, April 16B.

Come to think of it ... tomorrow will also be just like today and so will the day after.  That's what life is like on sea days ... nothing much changes around you from one day to the next  ... the view of the sea is the same, the people around you are the same, and daily routines change little ... but it is relaxing!

Today's view, when I am able to upload it ... one of the most picturesque putting greens in the world, and this week, the only putting green between New Zealand and French Polynesia.  This is the first grass lawn ever to be planted on a ship and it gets used daily for golf putting, bocce and crocquet, as well as the odd picnic.

Insert golf pic

I'm waiting for the lawn mower to come out ... now that's a photo I really do want to take!

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