Monday, April 28, 2014

Land ahoy ... after 4,000km of nothing

At around 0700 this morning (Sat 19 April), the people of the good ship Solstice rejoiced ... land had been sighted after 4 days and 5 nights at sea.  After a 4,000km journey from Auckland, everyone was clearly ready for some days on land.

Insert pic of Moorea is sighted

For the next 3 days, we will be enjoying the scenic beauty of "Tahiti and her Islands" as our onboard destination lecturer refers to French Polynesia.  Today is Papeete and the island of Tahiti (where we have hired a car to do a lap of the island), tomorrow is the island of Moorea, which is just 12 kms from Papeete (and where we also plan to hire a car to do the island on our own at our pace), and then the following day we will be on Bora Bora, a group of small islands almost completely encircled by a coral reef.  Here, we are joining a few other passengers for a 4WD tour in the morning and another group in the afternoon for a boat ride around the lagoon.

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  1. Hope you are enjoying yourself!! See you next week-the other Janet!